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Nina Cordoray Downes


Action for Animals was started as a UK registered charity in 1997 by Nina Cordoray Downes. Although we are still small, Action for Animals is now also registered in Spain where we have our first charity shop, in the Andalusian village of Competa.

Through our UK branch we continue to support and fund animal rescue projects around the world, while our Spanish organisation is involved in community animal projects, such as financial assistance for neutering programmes.

We are committed to preventing animal cruelty and promoting kindness to animals worldwide, but we can only do that with your assistance. Please help us by making a donation via the web site.

Alternatively, if you live in the Competa area, our shop is open from Monday to Friday from 10am till 2pm and Saturday from 10am till 1.30pm. We always need items to sell, so please help us make a difference and bring us your unwanted goods.



Saturday November 26th sees our first ever Wacky Pram Rally, where teams of four and a pram (or any four-wheeled, non-motorised vehicle) rush around Competa, stopping at every bar for a drink. One team member must be in the pram at all times of movement. It'll be quite a workout and a lot of fun.


The race begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday 26th November at Parque Arroyo Lara, Cómpeta.

La carrera empieza a las 14:00h, sábado 26 de noviembre, en el Parque Arroyo Lara, Cómpeta.

Each team must consist of five members and a pram.

Cada equipo debe de consistir de 5 personas.

The pram can be any four-wheeled conveyance and must be human-powered only.

El carro necesita tener cuatro ruedas y sin motor.

At all times of movement one member of the team must remain inside the pram.

Mientras el carro este en movimiento es obligatorio que haya una persona dentro.

Each team must visit every bar en route. They must purchase a drink and collect a stamp in each. (The route will be supplied on the day of the race.)

Cada equipo tiene que visitar todos lor bares de la ruta, comprar una bebida y recoger un sello. (El mapa de la ruta se repartira el dia de la carrera.)

The winning team is the first whose five members enter Bar Lorena with a complete collection of bar stamps.

Los ganadores seran el equipo que llegan a Bar Lorena con las cinco personas del equipo y todo los sellos recogidos de los bares.

Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Los participantes deben de ser mayor de edad.

The entry fee is €5 per person.

La entrada vale €5 por persona.

Visit our shop to pick up an application form. Completed forms and entry fees must be submitted by 5th November.

Comprar vuestras entradas en la tienda Action for Animals y rellenar el formulario de inscripción antes sábado 5 de noviembre.


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